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If You Want Change in This Country, You Need to Vote in Your Local Election

Frustrated by the state of affairs in the United States? Register to vote to have your voice heard.

Voting is a right that generations of Americans fought and died for ― and one that people in other countries are still fighting for. Yet in 2016, approximately 117 million Americans who were eligible to vote, didn't. It's a sad reality that more than 60 percent of adult citizens have never been asked to register to vote. The country ranks way behind most other developed nations when it comes to voter participation rates, and young people in particular can do much better. So that's why VICE Impact is proud to be a supporter of National Voter Registration Day, and is committed to getting more people registered leading up to the 2018 midterm elections. We are working with Democracy Works' TurboVote challenge, a leading digital voter registration initiative, and grassroots organizations across the country to increase voter registration and turnout in the United States.


Want to get more involved on issues you care about like climate change, criminal justice or reproductive rights? The reality is that many of the decisions that happen in your statehouse or city council have immediate relevance to your daily life and community, and those leadership positions are often voted on outside of presidential election years. Chances are there is a race in your neck of the woods this year that you can weigh in on, but if you're not voting your voice likely won't be being heard. Voting is a sure fire way to make your voice heard. Here are a couple of hard facts to consider:

  • Around 40 percent of all eligible voters have a local election to participate in November 2017. In 2018, every congressional seat is up for a vote as are most senate seats.
  • Millennials make up as many votes as Baby Boomers, but have the lowest turnout of any age group.
  • In Ohio, a key swing state in the 2016 presidential elections, 70 local issues and races were decided by just 1 voter.

If you're already registered to vote, then join Democracy Works in their TurboVote Challenge campaign to bolster voter turnout. Every vote counts, literally, and it's time for Americans to step up it's voting game. Take action today.