Cuban Doll is the Perfect Combination of Aaliyah and Chief Keef

We're premiering "Exposya," off the Dallas rapper's upcoming mixtape, 'Aaliyah Keef.'
September 14, 2017, 8:28pm

Cuban Doll AKA Cuban Da Savage is a rapper, she's 19, she's from Dallas, Texas, and she's about to blow the fuck up. With a social media presence of upwards of 500k with a roster of followers that includes the likes of like Cardi B and Drake, she's having a moment that feels like she's on the brink of something that only happens once in a blue moon. Her massively popular videos are replete with guns, money, and a young girl who looks snatched from the More Than A Woman video. "My new mixtape is titled Aaliyah Keef 'cause, well Aaliyah is my cute side and she a legend, and Keef is my favorite rapper," she said. "So that's me!"


Today we're premiering "Exposya" from her long-awaiting mixtape Aaliyah Keef. "It's a lot of bitches and shit. It's a trend to be a real bitch or a real nigga, so if you a fake real bitch… I'll expose ya." Cuban Doll is dropping Aaliyah Keef in sometime in October. Listen to "Exposya" below.

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