The Weeknd Announces His Own Marvel Comic Book, "Starboy"

Nerds, rejoice.

The Weeknd has confirmed that he is partnering with Marvel to release a comic book. "Starboy" seems to star the coke-fuelled crooner himself, and the first issue is out next year. The front cover of issue one, which you can see below, actually looks pretty cool if you're into that sort of thing.

It's been an interesting couple days in the public eye for Marvel. On Friday, they announced a partnership with defence contractors Northrop Grumman, considered by many to be very literal supervillains. That was met with a swift and deafening backlash. Marvel announced that the partnership was off the next day.

It's New York Comic Con right now, a time when companies like Marvel are likely to announce new projects. These two partnerships with The Weeknd and Northrop Grumman are entirely separate; they have nothing to do with one another beyond the fact that Marvel is involved with both.

But, if it makes you feel better at the end of a rough week, Marvel ditched the dudes who sell drones in favour of the Canadian man with the pretty voice. Happy Sunday.

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