Prisoners Get Guard Wasted, Escape During Booze Run

The honour system didn’t work here.
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA
Photos of the two men which were released by authorities after their escape. Photo via INPEC.

There are two kinds of people in the world when it comes to alcohol.

There are the freaks out there that can have one or two and go home without committing any sort of major transgression against humanity, then there are the people who, the minute their lips touch the good stuff, they can’t stop.

People who fall into this latter category will do pretty much anything to keep the party going. Take in mind this prison guard in Colombia who accidentally let two men escape prison because he simply couldn’t let the night end. The criminally minded duo’s booze-soaked plan to trick the guard was simple: start by getting him just right wasted, convincing him to let them go get some more booze when they ran out, and, you know, escaping during their beer run. Somehow, someway it worked without a hitch.


It’s important to note that these prisoners convinced the officer to let them go alone on their beer run—as the luminary character Snake puts it in The Simpsons, “screw the honour system.”

The two men—Jhon Gutierrez Rincon and Olmedo Vargas—were being held in Colombia’s largest prison—La Picota jail. Rincon was serving 40 years for a 2003 kidnapping, while Vargas (a former FARC combatant) was being held prior to his trial for theft.

The BBC reported that colleagues of the prison guard smelt booze on his breath after the duo made their escape and that he refused to do a breathalyzer. Colombian police are actively looking for the escaped men.

The prison director Col Germán Ricaurte said, in an interview with a Colombian radio station, that “artificial booze is commonplace in La Picota.

"The weakness of this official meant that he ingested this liquor and these inmates took advantage of that to convince him that they needed to leave [the prison]," Col Ricaurte explained.

Don’t be too hard on the poor guy though—let thou who hasn’t been convinced to do something immensely dumb while plastered cast the first stone here.

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