Justin Bieber Is Walmart Yodel Boy's Biggest Fan and I'm Happy for Them Both

I hope to one day feel the joy that known yodeler Justin Bieber felt watching Mason Ramsey, a.k.a. Yodel Boy, at Coachella.
April 16, 2018, 4:16pm

Half of my family is Swiss, so I know a thing or two about yodeling. Granted, alpine yodeling is not exactly the same as what memetic yodeling child Mason Ramsey and previously, Hank Williams did, but I get it regardless. It's in my blood. It's also in the veins of Justin Bieber, who hung out with Ramsey during the first weekend of Coachella (which was apparently incredibly eventful for him) after the now-hottest country singer on the planet (sorry, Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert, et al) was brought out during Chicago DJ Whethan's set on Friday.

It's remarkable how much more lit the crowd is for a child than a grown man.

In any case, someone managed to not only grab footage of Bieber grinning from ear-to-ear at young Ramsey's performance, but also the eventual joyous meeting between the two. Watch below for both:

Justin says "I'm so proud of you! That's so awesome!" with such genuine feeling that I think my heart did the truck flip from The Dark Knight. They honestly look like they're having a great time together. It's easily the warmest I've seen Bieber interact with another human, telling Ramsey that he'll "do big things" one day. The cuteness is strong, my friends. Bieber can probably relate to Ramsey for three reasons: 1) he was a viral singing child star himself, and truly wants to offer him guidance and mentorship, 2) he has younger half-siblings, and 3) Justin Bieber is basically a yodeler, too.

No, he hasn't literally yodeled on a track, but many of his distinct vocalizations could be classified as yodel-adjacent. Let the Bieber ululations fill your ears, and I'll phonetically transcribe them for your increased comprehension.

"OHHH-WAY-OHHHHHH-WAYYY-OHHOHOH" I think this is actually an unambiguous, capital-Y yodel now that I'm hearing it again.

"LUH LUH-LUH-LUH-LUH LUH LUH LUH-LUH-LUH-LUH LUH LUHLUH LUHLUH LUHLUH" Even more guttural than the last one, thus more effective.

"ohhh ohhh" Softer and not as forceful, but man this song still goes.

Too many yodels to accurately transcribe. I think my true thesis here is that Journals knocks.

Who knows if this meeting with Ramsey will finally prompt Bieber to make that full-country pivot that he's been silently threatening us with ever since he found Jesus, but it'll probably be pretty tight if he does. Memes can bring us good things every so often.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.