We're Screening Our New 'Noisey Birmingham' Doc at the Cinema

As part of the Everyman Music Film Festival we'll be hosting the premiere in Brum on Tuesday 15 May, then a London screening the next day.
April 16, 2018, 10:54am

Come, grab some popcorn and book a ticket because we're hosting our new documentary Noisey Birmingham at cinemas in London and Birmingham. As the name suggests, the film focuses on the music scene in Brum. Obviously, since he's the David Attenborough of the area, we brought Mike Skinner of The Streets on board. The film is Skinner's third documentary with us, following up from Don't Call It Road Rap and Hip Hop in The Holy Land. This time round, in a West Midlands counterpart to Noisey London, Skinner speaks with the likes of Lady Leshurr, Lotto Boyzz, Jaykae, Dapz on the Map, Mist, and many more.

We'll be holding the world premiere in Birmingham on Tuesday 15 May, with a screening coming in London the day after, and Skinner and some of the artists involved will also be doing a Q&A at both events. It's all part of the sick-sounding Everyman Music Film Festival so you know what to do: head to their website here to get tickets. We'll see you there. And if you're interested, you can also catch movies including Michael Caine's new one about the Swinging Sixties or Lost In Vagueness, the ultimate untold Glastonbury story.

You can find Noisey on Twitter.