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Meet the lawyer defending notorious neo-Nazi trolls

When a neo-Nazi website called for an army of trolls to go after a Jewish woman in Montana, the site’s publisher, Andrew Anglin, got sued. It’s the first big case against alt-right trolls, and it could draw a new line between what’s considered protected free speech, and what counts as illegal harassment.

To represent him in the case, Anglin hired Marc Randazza — a Las Vegas attorney who’s represented many high-profile clients who test the limits of free speech: 8chan trolls, porn site operators, and even Mike Cernovich.


Not only does Randazza consider himself a troll, “Some of the best trolls in the business are friends of mine,” he told VICE News. And while Randazza says that he detests Anglin’s anti-Semitic views, he defends them because he believes that they are protected speech.

VICE News sat down with Randazza to understand his legacy of defending the free speech of online trolls.

This segment originally aired July 27, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

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