President Trump praises Duterte and Kim Jong Un before spending Sunday at golf club

April 30, 2017, 7:47pm

President Donald Trump said he had a “very friendly” talk with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday and called North Korean President Kim Jong Un a “pretty smart cookie,” before spending most of Sunday at one of his golf courses in Virginia.

Trump invited Duterte, who recently admitted to personally killing suspects when he was the mayor of Davao, to the White House, the administration announced late Saturday night.


On Sunday, the president sat down with CBS’ John Dickerson to discuss another controversial leader — Kim Jong Un, whom Trump said he admires for taking power at such a young age. Trump also said he’s “not going to be very happy” if North Korea continues missile tests, but he declined to elaborate when Dickerson pressed him on what he meant.

Regarding the healthcare plan, Trump declined to elaborate on his plans for a new bill other than declaring Obamacare to be “dead” throughout the interview, and then he turned the conversation back to North Korea.

“Look, because if you hurt your knee, honestly, I’d rather have the federal government focused on North Korea, focused on other things, than your knee, OK?” Trump said. “Or than your back, as important as your back is. I would much rather see the federal government focused on other things.”

Dickerson was able to get Trump to say that the bill will mandate coverage of pre-existing conditions. In the last version of the Republican bill, that was left to the states.

Trump says he’s “thoroughly enjoying” being president, adding that he thinks he’s done “a very good job at it.”

“Things generally tend to go a little bit slower than you’d like them to go,” he told Dickerson. “It’s just a very, very bureaucratic system. I think the rules in Congress and in particular the rules in the Senate are unbelievably archaic and slow-moving. And in many cases, unfair.”

Trump also called Dickerson’s show “fake news” and referred to it as “Deface the Nation.”

He spent most of Sunday at his golf club in Virginia.

“Note that the pool has not actually seen POTUS once today,” the Boston Globe’s Annie Linsky reported. “The WH has provided no details on what POTUS did while here. Or who he was with.”