Liam Gallagher Is in Chill Rockstar Mode in a New Live Studio Performance

D'you know what I mean?
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Liam Gallagher often cites himself as one of the great rock vocalists, because he's Liam Gallagher and that's the sort of shit he says about five times a day. However, whether you're an Oasis fan or not, you do kind of have to admit that he's right—he's got a frankly rude amount of swagger, and he's so distinctive that it's hard not to recognize his voice.

A new live video—recorded at London's AIR Studios—goes some way to cementing his credentials. It sees him playing "For What It's Worth," taken from his upcoming album As You Were, due October 6, with a full band and string section. He's in fine voice (and his usual expensive pullover windbreaker uniform), as he has been at a number of festival appearances over the summer, and ultimately you just have to sit back and admire the fact that a man who has drank this many beers over the course of his life still sounds this good. Watch it above.

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