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Man Executes Genius Plan to Sneak Bottle of Vodka into Music Festival (UPDATE: Or Not?)

Instead of sneaking a bottle IN, try digging it UP.
Hilary Pollack
Los Angeles, US
Foto via Facebook

There are lots of great things about music festivals: getting to see a dozen of your favorite bands in a single weekend; learning to survive abject sleep deprivation after going to bed at 7 AM in a tent three nights in a row; exclusively eating tacos and "grain bowls" from food trucks for 72 straight hours.

But everyone's least favorite part about hitting the festival circuit (besides the uneasiness of seeing 14-year-olds in crocheted bikini tops and flower crowns) is the price of booze once you're on the grounds. Took $60 out of the ATM to spend on beer? It'll be gone way before you get drunk enough to grind to Skrillex's set. Want a vodka tonic? That will be $17 and at least 25 minutes of waiting in line, please!


Many have tried to bring their own supply of alcohol into music festivals only to be thwarted by the prying hands and seen-it-all wits of security. But a man named Alex Diamond may have revolutionized the covert-booze game with his foresight.

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Three weeks before New York City's Electric Zoo—which took place over Labor Day Weekend—Diamond visited the festival site and buried a Nalgene bottle full of vodka wrapped in a plastic bag.

When Diamond attended the festival on September 2, he returned to a pin that he had placed on Google Maps marking where the bottle was buried. And lo and behold, the bottle was successfully retrieved, and the vodka presumably consumed. It's treasure hunting for the 21st century!

Diamond details how the process worked on a Facebook page he has since made called "Festival Pro Tips":

Upon further investigation, this actually isn't the first time that someone has thought of going underground (literally) with their festival booze stash. A Reddit thread from a few years ago about how to sneak booze into San Francisco music festival Outside Lands suggested the old burying trick—which in Golden Gate Park, where the festival is held, might not be too hard to do. (Another poster suggests wrapping a water bottle of booze into a huge burrito, a tactic which has since seen great success.)

If Alex's plan doesn't work out, he can always try the old loaf-of-bread trick—although security may have wised up after seeing enough social media brags about BYOBing. Cheers, Alex. You won this time.

Update, 9/12/17: Since this story was written and published, a Reddit thread has emerged with evidence that suggests that the whole thing may have been faked.