Enjoy Josh Homme Chatting with QOTSA Super-Fan Rob Delaney

Behold, two of the funniest fuckers on the planet. In conversation.
August 9, 2017, 3:00pm

Joshua Homme – as you'll know – is the frontman of the Queens of the Stone Age aka the sickest rock'n'roll band ever created in the last few thousands years or so. Their new album Villians will drop later this month (25 August). Ahead of its release, we wanted to have a chat with Josh, but since we're usually awful people we asked comedian, writer, ex-VICE columnist and QOTSA-superfan Rob Delaney to do it instead. And the result is beautiful.


Watch above as they discuss topics as varied as having three children, George Carlin, The Handmaid's Tale and ZZ Top.

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