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The GOAT Joey Chestnut Inhales 74 Hot Dogs, Breaks His Own World Record

The champ has done it again, obliterating his peers to win Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in a legendary fourth of July performance.
Screen capture via ESPN/Twitter

How many hot dogs have you consumed in the last, say, five years?

Whatever number you come up with, there's a good chance that the winner of this year's Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest just devoured a good amount more than that in a single sitting. But, don't feel bad—that's just what elite athletes do.

The annual appreciation of overindulgence took center stage on Wednesday afternoon, with a field consisting of 21 of the world's greatest face-stuffers competing for the title in the 10-minute, all-you-can-eat format. These valiant prodigies went wiener-for-wiener for a full 600 seconds, putting their pride, reputations, and small intestines on the line, all in the hopes of taking down the GOAT of Coney Island in the ultimate display of competitive gluttony.


As the greatest speed-eater in the history of the sport—and now 11-time champion—Joey Chestnut had all eyes on him and his expansive jaw as he looked to make a mockery of his fellow competitors as he usually does. The King did not disappoint, battling the hot and humid conditions while inhaling an absurd 74 dogs, which beat the record of 72 held by himself. Miki Sudo put on her own world-class performance in the women's competition as well, throwing back 37 frank-filled buns and remaining the champion after capturing her fifth consecutive title—an unprecedented feat in the division.

The most telling metric and representation of Chestnut's place in athletic history is just how far ahead of the rest of the field he is, even as he ages in a young man's game. The legend put back NINETEEN (19!) more doggers than the second-place finisher, whose name I don't even remember because he is so irrelevant compared to JC.

This is some 1997-2008 Tiger Woods-in-his-prime type shit.