The miracle clinic

For three decades, Dr. Cynthia Maung has practiced medicine on the Thai-Burmese border and learned the best way to deliver care to women and babies living through conflict and crisis.
Lauren DeCicca for VICE News

Min Aung Pan Khaing and Aye Aye Thin check on their 15-day-old daughter, who was born prematurely at the Mae Tao Clinic in April.Dr. Cynthia Maung in her office. She started the Mae Tao Clinic to help the Burmese refugee and migrant community on the Thai-Myanmar border.Clinic workers board a bus at their end of the workday.In addition to maternity care, the Mae Tao Clinic offers a range of health services to the Burmese migrant community.A new father looks down at his daughter, who is receiving phototherapy for jaundice.A grandmother swaddles her day-old grandson. The parents travelled from Myawaddy across the river in Myanmar to have the child born at the clinic.A mother cradles her child in the clinic's waiting room.