This Game Has You Testing Out Sexbots to Save Humanity

Nutaku's first sex robot VR game, "SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator," looks... interesting.
May 14, 2018, 2:00pm

“In a world… Where humanity will literally go extinct if men don’t get to bone busty insentient sex robots…”

That’s essentially the premise of the first-ever virtual reality creation from hentai and adult game maker Nutaku: SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator.

The game puts the player in the distant future, where Earth was destroyed in a thermonuclear war. Soon after the catastrophe, a disease started to spread through the air that resulted in fewer and fewer women being born until humanity was at risk of going extinct. Humanity (presumably, mostly men) launched itself into space on a kind of “ark” to find a new home. “We started to develop artificial females to sustain the population on our long journey,” the announcer booms in the game’s trailer. “Testing this vital technology is your job.”


So, it’s clearly nonsensical but the basic plot is: Humanity will perish if men don’t get to fuck an object in the shape of a woman! In the future, we’re all incels, apparently. Well, not me, because all the women are long dead in the world of SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator. But it’s up to you, the brave and vigilant Robot Woman Tester, to save us all. Again, not me, because I’m apparently super dead in this game plot.

The press release does mention that there’s a strap-on option for players without a flesh penis.

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In SexBot: Quality Assurance Simulator, you’ll order wiggly weird dildos from vending machines (way too many of the movement dynamics and jiggle physics in this game are cranked to warm Jello levels); you’ll punch random numbers into archaic-looking computers; you’ll watch your robot lady do a disturbing writhe-dance. As you attempt to have sex with her, you’ll try not to piss her off, “earning her trust” through “respect” and “gentleness.”

Yes, as a cherry on top of this very confusing sundae, the game insists that the player is a nice guy. “Improper behavior might spell doom for not just you, but all of humanity,” the announcer states in the trailer.

I dunno, man. Shit’s fucked, and I’m tired. Wake me when I have an actual sex robot doppelganger, or when we’ve moved beyond this exhausting trope of robot women as hypersexual objects.