Monthly Horoscope: Libra, October 2018
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Monthly Horoscope: Libra, October 2018

Happy birthday, Libra!
September 28, 2018, 2:24pm

Happy solar return, Libra! Your season is finally here, and this month will be very interesting—not bad, just interesting—due to your ruling planet Venus being retrograde in Scorpio. The pace of things will change—not in the way things feel upside down when Mercury is retrograde, or how things were just dragging on and on when Mars was retrograde this summer. During Venus retrograde, the overall energy will shift, and you'll find yourself shifting, too: your wants, your needs, your values. Venus is what astrologers call in "detriment" in Scorpio, which means Venus can’t do its job in the sign the way it would like to. Think about it, Libra: frilly, flirty Venus is sweet and charming, diplomatic, social, a lover of art and beauty. But Scorpio? Scorpio slinks in the shadows. Scorpio energy is fishnet, not frills. Scorpio is tough, not a diplomat. Venus says hold me, Scorpio says spank me. Venus, the planet of love, money, and harmony, might not express itself in a typical way in Scorpio, but who’s to say it’s not sexy, or that it doesn’t work? You might catch more flies with honey…but the human heart can lead people into shadowy, mysterious places—places Venus in Scorpio knows well.


As with any retrograde, watch out for running into people from your past. Think back to autumn 2010—themes from that year may resurface now. Perhaps the same situation will come up, or maybe it will take on a new form, with new people. You don’t need to repeat history—retrogrades can be frustrating, but they’re also opportunities to revisit issues and work with them in a new way, to heal them. Love, of course, is a big theme at this time, but Venus rules money, too, and because this Venus retrograde in Scorpio is activating the financial sector of your chart, your budget is sure to be a focus. As Venus retrograde finds you reflecting on your values, here are some things to consider: Do you feel you’re being paid fairly and valued for your talents? Do you feel like your spending habits are self-destructive? What role do gifts play in your relationships? How do you feel about being treated to a dinner date? Venus in Scorpio sometimes weeps, thinking that because she’s been a bad girl, she doesn’t deserve anything…are you believing this lie, Libra?

Venus entered its pre-retrograde shadow period on September 3, so issues that have come up around the themes of love, money, and values during this time period are likely to resurface. Venus retrograde ends on November 16, and will be in its post-shadow period until December 17. Some fated events may take place this autumn, Libra! Because you’re ruled by Venus, whatever sign it’s in will color your attitude—and since it's in Scorpio, you’re going to be more mysterious but also much more emotionally intense. You’re craving depth and passion, and you’re demanding to feel valued—and if people don’t listen, well, the Venus retrograde will show them that you’re not moving forward until you get what you deserve!


A new moon in your sign, lovely Libra, arrives on October 8! I would normally suggest this day for a makeover or some spa treatments, but Venus rules beauty, so don’t book a salon appointment during its retrograde. New moons are the beginning of a fresh cycle, but they can be frustrating because when things are so new, it can be hard to plan ahead! The trick is to trust your intuition, have patience, and practice being fine sitting in the dark for a minute. Venus is in secretive Scorpio, so that may be exactly where you feel like hiding for now…think of all the transformation that takes place in the dark!

Communication planet Mercury enters Scorpio on October 9, so expect lots of talk to take place around money, security, and values during this time. Surprising news arrives as Mercury opposes Uranus on October 10; plus, Venus clashes with Mars on October 10, bringing an extra dose of passion and excitement that day! Solid communication takes place as Mercury connects with Saturn on October 12. The communication planet then meets with Venus on October 15, which could find you talking to people from your past, as well as working out financial paperwork, or on an emotional level, talking about your wants and desires! Mercury connects with Neptune on October 19, making for a dreamy, imaginative mood, but Mercury clashes with Mars on that same day, finding people in an argumentative state. Mercury connects with power planet Pluto on October 22, encouraging a transformative atmosphere, especially around feeling safe and secure within set boundaries.


Scorpio season begins on October 23, and with it comes the urge to break free from intimate and financial entanglements—especially suffocating romantic relationships, and on the money front, debts, due to the sun opposing Uranus on October 23. A pivotal moment arrives with the full moon in Taurus on October 24! Full moons are all about release. Taurus, the bull, is a stubborn sign, but this full moon will find you letting go of things that you’ve had a very hard time letting go of: old loves, debts, grief, and fear. You’re releasing the past and stepping through a transformative portal.

The sun meets with Venus retrograde on October 26, marking a powerful point in the retrograde period where we’ll dive deep into the heart of what’s happening—for you, Libra, self-worth is the main theme. Communication is a crucial way in which you process your feelings, and October 29 brings a fantastic opportunity to share with your best friends, as chatty Mercury meets generous Jupiter. This is also an exciting time for money! Just watch out for exaggerations…that said, this is a great time to ask for what you want, even if it’s a little over the top.

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Messenger planet Mercury enters fire sign Sagittarius on October 31, illuminating the communication sector of your chart, which is sure to bring plenty of news your way. If you’ve been having a hard time making a decision, the planet of the mind, Mercury, in know-it-all Sagittarius, will help you sort things out! Surprises in your love life and around money take place as Venus retrograde opposes Uranus on October 31—again, like at the very start of Scorpio season, you’re itching to break free. This could be an exciting time to experiment, too. Think back to September 12—some changes may have been made around then that could come back up now.

Halloween brings what might be the freakiest thing of all this month…Venus will retrograde back into your sign! Just kidding—this doesn’t have to be freaky or a bad thing at all. You will just feel an energetic shift from Scorpio’s brooding intensity to your own sign’s airier energy. The focus now isn’t so much on your values around cash and self-worth, but on how want to present yourself to the world, who you want to partner with, and how you might be standing in your own way when it comes to opening up to your desires. Are you resisting hooking up with that person you have a crush on just because they don’t fit in with your trendy crowd? Or, on a deeper level, are you still confronting the world with the same attitude you had during a particularly stressful time in your life that you’re ready to shed? Also: are you simply being too fucking nice? That’s legitimately a real question you need to consider, Libra. Good luck this month, and see you in November!