Get Off to These VICE Videos About Sex

Put in your headphones at work and catch up on some of our favorite docs about kinky sex.
June 13, 2017, 7:49am

We're pretty sure you've always wondered how dangerous the BDSM community really gets, and if you've experienced every version of porn imaginable. Hot tip—you haven't. So to answer some of these burning questions, and more, you should check out our favorite VICE docs about kinky sex. And remember, you can always keep getting off on

The Dangerous Business of BDSM Abduction Fantasies

Over the past few years, complex kidnapping fetishes have been trending in the kink community. Slutever host Karley Sciortino probes the psychology behind the desire to be captured and held hostage by taking part in a theatrical kidnapping fantasy.

Making the World's First Male Sex Doll

Sinthetics is the sex toy company responsible for creating the Vajankle (aka a fuckable foot), but they're also one of the most acclaimed silicone doll makers in the industry. We explore the world of these life-like custom male dolls and meet the husband and wife team pioneering the perfect plastic fuck buddy for women.

The South Korean Love Industry

South Korea has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. In this episode of Love Industries, VICE's Matt Shea investigates the country's generational crisis, which led him to Seoul's Red Light District, a pre-wedding photo-shoot on the set of a Korean soap opera, and an erotic sculpture park on South Korea's "honeymoon island."

Inside the Hungry World of Feeder Fetishes

Meet Tammy Jung, a woman who experiences sexual pleasure from eating massive amounts of food and being fed. In the fetish world, she's known as a "feedee"—under the control of a partner called a "feeder," who encourages her to eat as much as possible.

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California Soul: Quicksand Fetish

At the height of its popularity quicksand appeared in one out of 35 Hollywood films. While it's since disappeared from the mainstream psyche, an aging community of quicksand fetishists still re-create versions of our favorite quicksand films, but with an erotic twist.

Avatar Sex: Scanning Pornstars Into Virtual Reality

Toronto-based virtual reality company Holodexxx has put together a new interactive style of pornography by creating realistic avatars based on VR scans of real porn actors. VICE visited their office as they scan one of the biggest stars in the business, Tori Black.Get Away from Your Family and Get Off to These Videos About Sex