Clams Casino is Back with His Latest Instrumental Mixtape

'Instrumentals 4' drops this Monday.
June 24, 2017, 6:19pm
Photo of Clams Casino via Noisey

After four long years away, Clams Casino has announced the release of Instrumentals 4, his latest collection of sounds from his long-running instrumental series. Instrumentals 4 drops for free on Monday at 12 PM PST. His first instrumental mixtape was released in 2011 with his second release, Instrumental Tape 2, released in 2012. His third in the instrumental series, Instrumental Tape 3, came out in 2013. After the release of his last instrumental mixtape, Clams Casino released his debut album 32 Levels. In addition to the mixtape announcement, Clams Casino also released the first track from Instrumentals 4, titled "Wavey." Listen to the track below.