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Pittsburgh Mayor Bucks Trump, Commits to 100 Percent Clean Energy

The city of Pittsburgh is looking at Trump like, "Boy, bye."
Image by Aaron Barksdale

Yesterday, Trump announced he was ending the US's commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and burning bridges between US and international community in the fight against climate change.

During his long-winded speech, Trump said that he was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris. In return, nearly everyone in Pittsburgh said, "Who me?" In the 2016 election, Allegheny County was one of the few that swung left in the Republican-won state.


Now, the mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, has clapped back and announced that his city, along with many other local state and city governments, is sticking to the terms of the Paris accord.

Peduto joins an ever growing list of mayors in the Sierra Club's Ready for 100 campaign, which encourages mayors to move their communities to 100 percent clean energy.

Earlier this week, Columbus, South Carolina Mayor Steve Benjamin jumped on the Ready for 100 bandwagon too. Also, state leaders in California, Washington and New York are upholding the Paris climate agreement, proving most Americans care about the environment even if the president doesn't.

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