Skylar Spence and the Knocks' "NY Is Red Hot" Is Heatwave Disco

Hear the second single from the New York artists' new project Amelia Airhorn.
June 14, 2017, 3:40pm
Image courtesy of artists

After touring together in early 2017, New York duo the Knocks and producer/vocalist Skylar Spence bonded over a shared love of the same music, and formed the disco-focussed group Amelia Airhorn. Based around the fictional escapades of the eponymous protagonist as she experiences 90s NYC nightlife for the first time, the trio constructs her narrative with joyful, classic-sounding samples.

We've already heard their first single, "Miracle," and today we're premiering "NY Is Red Hot." The track is meant to soundtrack Airhorn's first encounter with the city's sweltering summer heat, but considering its infectiously carefree mood, the weather clearly doesn't keep her from having the time of her life.

The collaborators set the scene for THUMP over email. "After a brief moment of channel surfing, Amelia lands on the a news story concerning the impending heat wave in New York," they said. "Like jumping through a painting in Super Mario 64, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a sweltering NYC summer day, observing a parade that transforms into a psychedelic disco band. 'NY Is Red Hot' bemoans the infamous summer climate of the city while simultaneously celebrating its unique way of life, with the refrain 'New York is my life and I'm never gonna leave you.'"

Listen to the track below and look for the full-length Amelia Airhorn album out soon.

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