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You Can Simultaneously Smoke Weed and Eat Cereal From This Bowl

Waking and baking has reached a new level of convenience.
Alle billeder af Ryan Hart.

Other than a Machiavellian plot to subvert the very fabric of organized society, what in the hell could have possibly driven Ryan Hart to create the ungodly union of tableware and weed paraphernalia that is the Breakfast Bowl?

All photos courtesy of Ryan Hart.

Playing on the categorically peerless duo that is cannabis and breakfast cereal, Hart decided to eliminate the middleman from the equation and simply create a bowl that serves the dual purpose of eating receptacle and smoking tool. Clearly, the man is the foremost trailblazer of the 21st century.


While Hart is far from the first person to come up with the idea of combining the two most important bowls in your house, his name will undoubtedly go down in the annals of history as the one who opened Pandora's box and first starting selling them to an unsuspecting humankind.

Hart began selling The Breakfast Bowl back in April, and it is currently in his second production run. He told MUNCHIES, "The production of The Breakfast Bowl Pipe came from my uncontrollable need to have one." Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Hart added, "I had seen various designs of combination-eating-bowl-and-water-pipes on the internet, and it was love at first site. After days (and days) of being possessed by the thought, and not being able to find a vendor who actually sold them, we decided we needed to contribute for the community and have these made."

It may sound innocent enough, but is Hart dooming all of mankind to an indolent eternity of waking and baking? Perhaps, but what the hell? And if you aren't the biggest fan of cereal, Hart suggests you use his creation as a fruit bowl or for some ice cream.

Will humanity be able to weather the advent of The Breakfast Bowl? We're pretty sure this is the start of something great.