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Mike Francesa Explains Pitfalls of Zone Defense Through Mouthfuls of Lunch

A caller asked why more teams don't use the zone against the Warriors, and Mike Francesa broke it down for him.
Dramatic representation of possible lunch consumed by WFAN host Mike Francesa via Wikimedia Commons

As we have so often shared on this site, Mike Francesa is a man of many talents. The Sports Pope is capable of conducting a drive-time, five-hour sports talk radio call-in show while simultaneously displaying an unrivaled contempt for even the most basic curiosity over the subject matter of his show, and for those who call in to talk about it. That he's been able to do it for so long is simply another feather in his cap.


Francesa provided another example of his multitasking on Tuesday when a listener called in to discuss why teams don't try defending the Golden State Warriors with the zone. Mike sounded like he was in the middle of lunch, but when you have to school a caller, you have to school a caller.

It should be pointed out that Mike works from 1 PM to 6 PM most days—excluding any pre-show prep work (LOL)—so why he's eating in the middle of his show is a little bit of a mystery, but we're not here to judge eating habits. We're here to celebrate the ability to masticate food while explaining how it's a fool's errand to try to stop the Warriors with a zone.

Below is a transcript of his statements, in which I tried to truly convey what is going on in the audio by inserting a drumstick emoji in between every word:

He is not New York's No. 1 for nothing.