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Watch the ACLU and Tea Party's New Anti-Patriot Act Ad

Just how bad is the Patriot Act? Bad enough for the ACLU and the Tea Party to agree on something, apparently.
May 19, 2015, 8:54pm

Just how bad is the Patriot Act? If you guessed "bad enough that the ACLU and Tea Party would join forces to make an ads about how bad it is bad," then you'd be correct. Above is "Collect Call," a new TV spot from the ACLU and the Tea Party Patriots, reminding citizens that because of the Patriot Act, the government can watch you Skype with your favorite soldier, and also listen to your doctor tell you about the results of your latest medical test. The Patriot Act expires on June 1, and if it dies, so will the NSA's ability to spy on Americans. This is obviously the desired outcome for both the ACLU, which wants to preserve the civil rights of citizens, as well as the Tea Party apparently, who just generally don't like the government meddling in their business. Which is why the two groups are airing the ad in Washington, DC, as well as in New Hampshire and Iowa.

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