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Catch All New Episodes of 'NOISEY' and 'WEEDIQUETTE' Tonight on VICELAND

Tonight on VICELAND, Danny Brown and Big Sean take us inside Detroit's music scene on 'NOISEY,' then we meet the major female players in the pot trade on 'WEEDIQUETTE.'

If you haven't already heard, we recently launched our very own TV channel called VICELAND, packed with shows that tell exciting stories from all over the world.

Tonight on NOISEY —our first-hand look into some of the world's most compelling music scenes, Zach Goldbaum heads to Detroit where local rappers Danny Brown and Big Sean explain how the city's tough street culture serves as inspiration for its signature sound.

Then on WEEDIQUETTE, our exploration into today's pot paradigm, host Krishna Andavolu meets the major female players in the pot trade working to make marijuana the first gender-equal industry.

You can catch on NOISEY tonight at 10PM, and WEEDIQUETTE later at 11PM on VICELAND