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The Photo Issue 2003


December 1, 2003, 12:00am

By Glynnis McDaris - Top: From left to right: Andrew WK, Royal Trux’s Jennifer Herrema, Chloe Sevigny.
Bottom: Clockwise from far left: Brian Degraw, Nate Maddox (R.I.P.), Travis Graves, Ben Cho.

By Glynnis McDaris - Top: From left to right: Zwan’s Matt Sweeney, Tara Subkoff and a sea lion in Malibu.
Bottom: From left to right: Will Oldham and Pavement’s Mark Ibold.

By Oliver Crow - Joe Strummer with The Stills. VICE Records just signed these cute, young Pepsis from Montreal and they sound kind of like The Streets but with guitars instead of beats and heartwrenching melodies instead of cockney freestyling. Actually, they couldn’t sound less like The Streets. The debut EP Rememberese is in stores now.