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At last! Here's the Haunting Video for Lo Moon's Epic "Loveless"

Guns! Fast cars! Creepy kids! Mortality! The LA-based band drop their debut, Warren Fu-directed video and it's some journey.

Last month we wondered, who the hell are Lo Moon? Now, in the wake of their tour opening for MUNA and a successfully sweaty week wooing music fans down in Austin for SXSW, WORD IS SPREADING. There's still only one song to sample—the gorgeous gauzy slow build and crashingly cinematic "Loveless," which was released this past fall. But now we can reveal their appropriately awesome video. It begins with the very Donnie Darko-esque whisper "Wake up!" But there are no giant bunnies here.


"The seed of the video was inspired by the opening bars," explains director Warren Fu—the man responsible for a brace of videos for Daft Punk, The Strokes, and most recently The Weeknd. "That sparse beat is the hypnotic hook that locks you in at the beginning of a seven minute journey of hauntingly beautiful verses and epic cinematic choruses.  An image came to me of a surreal scene at a beach with kids playing a handclap game in sync to the percussion.  I built out the rest of the story from that initial vision."

There's definitely a run free, ride or die, Smashing Pumpkins-circa-the-video-for-"1979"-vibe here. But like, with more guns. And a sense of imminent disaster. Is it summer yet? Watch below.

"Loveless" is out now.