Photos from Amsterdam's Europride Parade


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Photos from Amsterdam's Europride Parade

Saturday, Europride 2016 culminated in the flamboyant glitterfest that was Amsterdam's Canal Parade.

This article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands

For the last two weeks, Amsterdam had been the host city for Europride—a series of events celebrating LGBTQ culture, hosted in a different city every year. Saturday, August 6, saw the culmination of this international event in the 21st annual Canal Parade.

In a statement, the Amsterdam police said that the event went down in a "peaceful and fun way." Now, that was a somewhat tame manner of describing a massive party with thousands or flamboyantly dressed revelers, feathers, balloons, bare bums, glitter, and loud beats. Amsterdam based photographer Catharina Gerritsen took portraits of some of the partygoers, who made the event so peaceful and fun.