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That Time Jon Daly Took Acid and Went Ice Skating with a Bunch of Kids

Chris Pontius, Jon Daly, and more told us about their craziest party stories in this week's episode of 'Party Legends.'

Earlier this week, VICELAND dropped the first episode of our new show, Party Legends, where we have celebrities share their crazy and sometimes embarrassing party stories and then get our favorite artists to animate them for your viewing pleasure.

On our debut episode, we heard stories from comedian Jon Daly, actress Alia Shawkat, Jackass legend Chris Pontius, and Kid Ink. Here are some GIFs from our favorite moments in the episode, starting with Daly.



Jon Daly remembers the first and only time he took acid by himself and wound up ice skating with a little kid in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

"My mind was in a completely different place. It got dark, so I start to get insanely paranoid. I'm like, 'I'm in the park at night. This is bad." I say, 'I'm just gonna follow these lights. These lights are where people are.'"

"It turns out it's the Prospect Park ice-skating rink. I can go here to ride this out. I can ice skate, because I spent my entire life playing hockey."

"The zamboni gets off and I go out. And I'm like, 'Oh my god, I am so fucking good at this. I'm the best one here.' And it's true. I am the best one. It's all 12-year-old kids."

"Then I go by the corner of the boards. I hear a voice behind me, 'Hey, kid. Hey, kid.' I turn around. It's this little boy who is, like, 11.

He says, 'Jon, will you skate with me?' I was like, 'Yeah, dude. I'll fucking skate with you.'"

"I skate around with this kid and talk about life for, like, an hour and a half. It was so amazing. It really was like the most beautiful conversation—Like, total, pure joy."


In her story, Shawkat talks about going to a famous Hollywood actor's house for a party. While there, she ran into another star, and the two snuck into a room to hook up. Things got a little weird.

"For the purpose of this story, I probably shouldn't say whose house this was or who this guy is. But let's say it's Cary Grant, because I'd love to imagine hooking up with Cary Grant."


"He directed me things to do, which was really hot. He goes, 'All right. I need you to go take a shower because I want to go down on you. And I need you to be clean.' And I was like, 'OK.'"

"I come outside, and he makes me stand in front of the mirror. He has a razor. And he's like, 'I'm gonna shave you now.'"

"So I sat on the bed, he had a warm bowl of water, and he delicately shaved me fucking baby-clean. Like, nothing there. The whole time I'm just trying to be like, 'Uh, hmm. We're into this.'"


Jackass star Chris Pontius looks back on partying down in Australia with his friends. Everything was good up until he blacked out and woke up in jail with no idea how he got there.

"I was traveling up the coast of Australia with a friend and we thought we'd go out. At some point in the night, I realized he wasn't there anymore and I was by myself. My immediate next memory was having someone wake me up."

"It was a Australian police officer, and I was in jail. I'm like, 'What happened? What'd I do?'"

"'You got caught with a 14-year-old girl, mate.'"

"Then he's like, 'Just kidding! You, um, caused a lot of damage, though.'" The police guy's like, 'Check this out.' And he shows me this videotape of myself. Like, I'd be screaming, laughing. And then I'd start crying. Just crazy."

The police officer also told me that I'd caused quite a bit of damage at a casino, and I might want to apologize to the manager. I went and met with her. And she's like, 'Oh, that was so sad. We have it on security cameras.'


"I don't know how all of this happened. Someone must have slipped something in my drink. Why I didn't just go to bed?"


Finally, Kid Ink tells us about a week-long trip he took to Turks and Caicos in the Bahamas for his birthday.

"We were pretty much shrooming every day. On day four, we started kind of early, and then went to the water to scuba dive. I don't know if that's really a good idea."

The dude tells me, 'You guys should also smoke before you jump in the water because if you smoke before you go in, everything looks bigger.' I'm like, 'Yeah.'"

"Now, I'm in the biggest ocean, and I have no idea what I'm really seeing and what I'm not seeing."

"That lasted for about 15 minutes until I panicked."

"I hopped on this Sea-Doo, and it says, 'Sport.' I'm just looking like, 'Hmm. What happens when you press that button?' I press the "Sport" button, and—"

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