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America Is Officially Overrun by Terrifying Evil Clowns

People in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Virginia have reportedly spotted terrifying clowns wandering through grocery stories, riding shotgun in cars, and even sending strange, threatening messages on Facebook.
September 27, 2016, 4:43pm
Photo via Flickr user OakleyOriginals

Creepy-ass clowns have reportedly been terrorizing people up and down the southern United States—first in South Carolina, then in North Carolina, and again in Georgia. Although local cops said they were pretty sure the sightings were nothing more than a Halloween hoax, now more people in Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, and Louisiana have reported sinister clown encounters.

On Sunday, 41-year-old Kelly Reynolds was walking her dog in Palm Bay, Florida, when she reportedly saw a couple of clowns near the railroad tracks by her home. She told WTLV that her dog barked toward the clowns, but she quickly ran home and they managed to disappear before police showed up.

"I never run, but I turned and ran back to my home as fast as I can," Reynolds told WTLV. "These clowns have to go away."

Then, photographs of two different clown sightings in Virginia and in Louisiana made news this week. A teenager in Henrico County, Virginia, was in the car with her mom Monday, when she snapped a picture of a creepy clown riding shotgun and turning around and pointing toward her, a CBS affiliate reports. On the same day in St. James Parish, Louisiana, two people in clown costumes were spotted wandering zombie-like through a neighborhood grocery store. Although the clowns left at the manager's request, police are still hoping to bring the pranksters in for questioning.

Hopefully Clinton and Trump will address the growing clown crisis on our soil during the next presidential debate on October 9.

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