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Wake Up and Smell the Cemetery Piss

Stream the Baltimore black metal deviants' savage new album, 'Order of the Vulture'.

Photo courtesy of the artist

In addition to possessing one of the best band names I've ever encountered, Baltimore quartet Cemetery Piss have also recorded one of 2016's most compelling (and gleefully filthiest) black/thrash albums in Order of the Vulture. It's a ripper from the onset, and exhibits the kind of savvy songwriting that most extreme bands leave as an afterthought (I still can't get "Traces of Violence" out of my head, and the way it divebombs straight into "Nacrognosis" is pure fire).

Their sound itself is hard to peg—a hefty strain of Norwegian black metal influence renders the straight black/thrash tag a bit inadequate, and there are scraps of death intermingled in there, too, buried beneath a truly creepy atmosphere. Without splitting hairs, though, Cemetary Piss' new album is an ugly, roiling mass of vulgar extremity, and it fucking rules.


The album's digital version is currently available for preorder from DC label Cricket Cemetery (vinyl is forthcoming) and officially drops this Friday, September 2. Grab a steaming hot cup of joe and drink in Order of the Vulture below—and might I suggest starting off with the raunchy anthem-in-the-making that is "Sex and Metal"?

Catch Cemetery Piss live:

Sept 1st w/ Toxic Holocaust at Cherry Street Station, Wallingford CT - info

Sept 2nd w/ Toxic Holocaust and Bat at Saint Vitus, Brooklyn NY - info
Sept 3rd w/ Toxic Holocaust, Bat and Noisem at Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD - info
Sept 17th at Shadow Woods Festival, White Hall MD - info