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[Exclusive Photos] Movies Become Real in These iPhone Illusions

From baby Biebers to Big Lebowskis, there's no Photoshop in Francois Dourlen's pop culture mashups.
August 25, 2015, 2:45pm
Images courtesy the artist

French Photographer Francois Dourlen is a clever man. Using his Canon 6D and his iPhone, he superimposes famous movies, video games, cartoons, and just plain recognizable pop culture moments onto everyday, real life environments.

Dourlen used to take pictures for Netflix, a job that involved walking around London, Paris, and Berlin, scouting out famous locations, and shooting iconic urban scenery. “The best way is walking and watching everything. It is only spontaneous,” he tells The Creators Project. Dourlen says he walks around until he stumbles upon a background or scene that reminds him of something. Literally anything, there are no rules, he explains: “It is only an association of ideas!”


“I have the idea, go on Google Images to find the good visual and shoot. It takes like 20 seconds,” he tells the Creators Project. Since he began taking these images roughly 2 years ago, Dourlen has been featured in countless publications, from The Rolling Stone, to FOX, NBC, and ABC.

Today, The Creators Project has the privilege of debuting two brand new images from his collection that he took while on a job in Portugal. Check them out below:

And here is a collection of some of our favorites by Francois Dourlen:

Check out more of Francois Dourlen's work on Instagram and Facebook.


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