This Music Video Will Test Your Movie IQ

Can you guess all 49 famous movie posters in Ulysse Thevenon's music video for Spectre's "Shadows"?
July 7, 2016, 12:30pm
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To pay homage to their cinematic influences, and to challenge viewers in a game of trivia, French electro-pop group Spectre has based their most recent music video on 49 famous movie and TV posters. Repurposing images from official posters as well as from DVD covers and fanart, French director Ulysse Thevenon has playfully brought these series and films to life to the tune of “Shadows.” Song lyrics replace movie titles and the singers replace actors, fully integrating the music into the bills and highlighting the artistry of both.

The result, which you can see below, is clever and fun. Spectre cites David Lynch and John Carpenter as inspirations for their haunting tunes, which hope to evoke a ‘cinematographic universe.’ Their musical existence evolves in coordination with their visual representation, and they envision themselves less as a band and more as a cross-media project. They hope to bring viewers and listeners to the “darkest places of [their] souls,” they say. While their latest music video is relatively upbeat, the haunting song, “Shadows,” certainly conveys some of this darkness.

“Shadows” is part of Spectre’s first six song EP, Inner Tides, which was released in 2016. The six songs are described by the band as a mixture of electro-pop anthems, melancholic synth-pop ballads, and dark epic tracks. The band has already released three music videos for the EP, and is planning to create videos for the final three tracks as well. Check out "Shadows" below:

To learn more about the band, click here. To learn more about Ulysse Thevenon’s solo work, visit her website.


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