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Agoria's French Kiss: Everydayz

The cinematic French DJ celebrates a hot new producer to look after. Plus a video with surfing and boobs.
January 15, 2014, 8:00pm

French Kiss is a column by French DJ/producer Agoria. When he's not busy making beautifully soaring, open-minded house jams for the likes of Innervisions and Planet E, DJing around the world, or working with famous French film directors, Agoria will be picking us his favorite new producers from France and beyond. Allez y.

Agoria on Everydayz:

"Everydayz is one of those artists where I'm following every single release or production. He's able to make hip-hop as well as dance-orientated club tunes and intelligentsia favorites. 'L'absence' could quite easily be an aquatic Four Tet tune but it's not. Produced with the use of two or three organic instruments, the track sounds like the perfect tape for a trip to Bali with a stop off on Venus.


I am almost certain that this guy will be one of the most in-demand producers over the next few years if he continues to develop his sound like this. Ilia Kou, I want to surf and kiss you in Bali."

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Surfing and boobs and smooth tunes! Check out "L'Absence" in this Dakine movie for Keep A Breast.