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Viral Star Kiesza Proves that Having Really Good Dance Moves Will Get You a Record Deal

Check out the blinged-out cover art for her debut album, out this fall.

Good news if you're into 90s-style dance pop, Canadians, or just redheads with extremely noteworthy dance moves. Kiesza, the Calgary-born star whose music video for "Hideaway" has racked up 109 million YouTube views and counting, announced today that her debut album Sound of a Woman will be released on October 21 as a joint venture between indie label Lokal Legend, Island Records, and 4th and B'way (an Island Records sub-label).


Kiesza, a trainer ballerina, pulled off a feat of choreography in her "Hideaway" video, where she showed off five different dance moves with a cast of back-up dancers in just one long tracking shot, filmed on the streets of Williamsburg. (We loved those moves so much, we even asked her to give us a little lesson.) And according to interviews, she did it all while fighting off the pain of a rib broken on the day of the shoot.

The hard work paid off—"Hideaway" went viral, and the infectiously catchy throwback track rocketed to the number one spot in the UK charts and 21 countries on iTunes earlier this year.

Kiesza also unveiled the starkly glamorous cover for Sound of a Woman, in which she poses in full diva mode against a black background—top bun, red lips, and nails painted in rainbow glitter and golden studs. Stay tuned for more details.


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