Become One With Nature in These Flora and Fauna Paintings


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Become One With Nature in These Flora and Fauna Paintings

A Spanish artist lead us through a tour of the natural splendor.

From sketchbooks to graffiti, a Spanish illustrator puts down deep hooks into nature with swatches of earthly color and tableaus depicting hands-on interaction. Marcos Navarros displays his love for nature in his artwork, riddled with references to plant and animal life, and a genuine connection with all things natural. In Binomio, the artist explores "a serial of images, I'm showing some savage characters, primitive botanical elements, or animals that evoke a mystical connection and a retrospective insight to evolution."





With experience working with fashion brands, illustration, and pattern-making, the artist studied at Pau Gargallo Art School in Barcelona and spends his time between Barcelona and San Sebastain. The painter creates pieces that bring to mind themes of folklore, combined with a touch of humanity. The artist and recreational surfer, enjoys painting on a small scale as well as on a larger scale in his wall paintings. His subjects are often caught gazing through pond fronds or directly handling species of plant life; it is as if a viewer of his works is taking on the viewpoint of someone who lives within the shaded forests and masses of shrubbery.

"When I develop my personal work," Navarro shares. "I try to delve into global issues from my own insight, my latest paintings reflect the human evolution and our connection with nature. I find interesting the research of juxtaposed concepts."

Savage Roots