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The Couple Who Invented Pokémon Go Sex Toys to Make You Squirtle

If you've ever wanted to shove Pikachu up your butt, your time has come.
Photo courtesy of Geeky Sex Toys

The world probably reached peak Pokémon Go about a week and a half ago, but that doesn't mean that people have stopped dreaming up fanciful ways to involve the augmented reality game in their lives. Thanks to an enterprising Australian couple, that tendency now extends to the bedroom.

"Pokémoan" dildos are a line of four sex toys that would make any Pokémon master squirtle with joy (sorry). There's "Bulby," described as a "grass type Pokémoan" with a "large seed tip making it a very pleasurable friend to have;" a "Charmy" with a flared red tail that "gives intense orgasms everywhere it goes;" a "Squirty" featuring a "grooved turtle shell on its back;" and the pièce de résistance: "Piky," a "small electric type anal Pokémoan" designed for Ash Ketchum fans who have always wanted to shove Pikachu's tail up their butts. If you really want to catch 'em all, you can opt for a four-in-one package deal.


Geeky Sex Toys owners Emma and Josh say that their website and Etsy shop is only two months old, and the Pokémoan range was launched just a week ago. But it's not the only ingenious toys the Brisbane-based couple have come up with—Game of Thrones enthusiasts may find much to enjoy about Jon's Dildo Sword, complete with direwolf head, while those who have always dreamed about incorporating Sailor Moon into their sex lives will be intrigued by the moon, prism, and power possibilities offered by the Sailor Girl Dildo Wand.

We talked to Emma and Josh about Pokémon Go, making nerd culture sexy, and why Pikachu ended up being the buttplug.

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BROADLY: Hey Josh and Emma, can you tell me a little about who you are and why you started Geeky Sex Toys?
Josh and Emma: As self-proclaimed geeks, our aim is to change the stigma around adult toys by re-imagining them in a fun and nerdy way. We believe a sex toy shouldn't just be a tool to get you off—it should be fun, entertaining, and visually pleasing (as well as physically pleasing).

What inspired you to create the toys? Was it directly inspired by Pokémon Go?
We had always intended to create Pokémon inspired toys. However, it wasn't until we heard that Pokémon Go was being released that we decided to bump it up to the top of our priority list.

Would you describe yourself as hardcore Pokémon fans?
Absolutely! We are 24 and 23 years old, so we were those cool kids collecting the trading cards and walking around playing our Game Boys back in the day. We would both watched the show every morning before school (so yeah, we can do the Pokémon rap).


So, how has Pokémon Go affected sales of the toys?
Well, let's just say that we were an extremely new and small business, and now we are having to expand as quickly as possible.

How did you decide which Pokémoan toy would be which? Like, what made you decide Pika was going to be an anal toy?
Haha! We would have loved to "make 'em all" but we knew that wasn't possible. So we decided to go with the original starter Pokémon, but how could we leave out the most adored character, Pikachu? So naturally he ended up becoming the anal toy.

Which toy has been most popular with customers?
Piky is by far the most popular. I guess it's just a nice fun addition to your current toy collection. People are loving the toys in general, though! Some people are put off by the shapes, but those who have actually tried them think they are great!

Do you think people are buying these for novelty value, or are they actually getting off with them?
I hope it's a bit of both. We definitely want people to take Geeky Sex Toys as a company seriously, but at the same time it's our mission to lighten up the stigma around sex toys. So if they are buying [the toys] for novelty value or as a joke, we are cool with that.

Jon's Dildo Sword.

I notice you also have a lot of other nerdy sex toys—I especially like the Jon's Dildo Sword. What inspired you to make those?
We are big geeks. We love all things nerdy. We can go into a comic book store and buy all kinds of nerdy things, but you can't go into an adult store and buy nerdy things. So we are scratching our own itch, so to speak.

On your Etsy, shop, you mention that each toy is handmade… Can you take me through the production process for one of your favorite Pokémoan toys?
Yep, all totally handmade. We do it this way for a few reasons, mostly because we just love making toys. Josh will either hand sculpt the product or 3D model and then 3D print it. In the case of the Pokémoan products the dildos were sculpted in clay and Piky was 3D printed. Once the sculpture is finished, a mold of the prototype is created. The silicone is then hand mixed and poured into the molds. The finished product is boiled and sterilized, packaged up, and ready to go.

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How do you road test your toys? I can imagine that you can't really hire product testers for a dildo shaped like Bulbasaur.
The same way our customers do? Insert into whichever opening feels good. Depending on the product, we'll usually spend a few fun nights with the prototype before making a couple of products for friends to try out. We may have the largest and geekiest toy collection in the galaxy.

Do you think Nintendo is aware of your toys, and what would you say to convince them it's all in good fun?
I have no idea if they know or not… I think with how big Pokémon Go is they probably have more important things to worry about—like their servers being down all the time. Come on guys, I have Pokémon to catch!