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Watch Jamila Woods' Calming New Video For "Holy"

The Chicago singer's 'HEAVN' album is getting a full release through Jagjaguwar.

Chicago singer Jamila Woods' 2016 album HEAVN was celebrated for its messages on black girlhood, self-love, and resilience. In praise on the album, Noisey contributor Brianna James wrote, "Jamila Woods' HEAVN means more to me than perfected vocal runs and soothing melodies. Her lyrical nuances boldly speak on political and social injustices that explain the story of life from the perspective of a minority like me."


Today, Woods announced that the album, which was previously only available on Soundcloud, will be getting a full digital and physical release through Jagjaguwar and Closed Sessions. Along with the news comes a new video for album track, "Holy," a song about self-actualization. In the calming clip, Woods goes from a soothing bath, to interpretive dances down a church aisle. Watch the video above.

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