Watch Rae Sremmurd Be Exuberant with Old Golfers in "Swang" Video

Have you ever tee'd the ball off a roll of 100s?
February 16, 2017, 4:49pm

Golfing has long been the stereotypical province of the extremely white (pay attention to how much of it was done in your fave 90s sitcoms) so putting Rae Sremmurd in this setting for the "Swang" video is an obvious way to provide some "hilarious" novelty. But the Brown brothers are definitely rich enough to go for a few putts, while making a drift arrival on a jeep, of course.

The SremmBros proceed to provide an unruly display of what SremmLife is about, sinking balls from on top of hundred-dollar bills and teaching the seniors at the country club how to smoke weed. It also devolves into a kegger at the end for some reason. You can watch the "Swang" video below.

Phil played 'Mario Golf' once. He's on Twitter.