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Animating Ordinary Objects With 3D Projection Mapping

Colombian artist gives audiovisual life to mundane surfaces.
October 13, 2011, 3:20pm

What started as a way to practice video mapping techniques ended up becoming the main driving concept for the latest body of work from Colombian multimedia engineer and VJ Cristhian Garcia, a.k.a. Tonner-v. For his recent project, 180 Ovis Lux, Garcia created an impressive-looking projection on a shockingly common and plain surface—egg cartons.

Garcia’s idea is to change viewers’ perception, making them notice that even an ordinary object can become something amazing, filled with energy and life, simply by using light to play with its volumetric proportions. But the 180 Ovis Lux experience is not only visual, it also includes a reactive audio component developed in partnership with dubstep musician and producer Héctor Gonzales (a.k.a. el.ector) that responds to the new dimensions proposed by the artist. Check out the result:

A few months ago Garcia also mapped a simple Styrofoam structure, one of those used to protect computer packages. The result is as hypnotizing as the egg cartons: