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Viral Style: LED Baseball Caps And Anime Characters In Givenchy

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Here's one to remind you of your Saturday mornings as a kid—streetwear label HMN ALNS has released a new installment of their DBZ x HMN fashion project, which shows characters from '90s anime show Dragonball Z modeling designs by high-fashion labels. This time around, Goten and Trunks rep designs by GivenchyRalph Lauren, and Supreme. If you're looking to boost your online presence this week take this one from us: Post one of these pics on your Tumblr, sit back, and watch your reblogs go nuts.



Okay, so you've got your summer wardrobe together and you're looking good, but there's something missing, right? If you're looking to upgrade your accessories then check out these LED-charged Powercaps, made by Panther Vision. There's probably about a million and one things you can do with this hands-free flashlight—the website recommends things like midnight hiking and tyre-changing—but we can definitely see it being useful when stumbling home after a drunken night out. There are 60 different cap styles/colors and 12 different LED technologies to choose from, so you're guaranteed to find one that suits you, hands(free) down.


We're always excited to see forward-thinking designers shaking things up by incorporating new tech into their collections, so this week we wanna show a bit of love to

Asher Levine

. For his new A/W13 range, Asher was inspired by wireless tracking capabilities, embedding his futuristic-looking coats, bags, and gloves with a

Phone Halo

Bluetooth 4.0 chip. As well as letting off an alarm if the wearer moves too far away from the item, the chip gives him/her the option to track each piece via GPS on a designated TrackR app if it ever gets lost. Practical and stylish? So down—who wouldn't want to get a text, email, or FB message from their own clothes?


Nike joining forces with Instagram? I guess as collaborations go this one's pretty big. Taking the NIKEiD customisation project to the next level, a Nike PHOTOiD app (available to d/l now) allows users to attach Nike footwear imagery to photos, matching an image's colorway to a selection of Air Max designs, including Air Max 1 and Air Max 95. Personified images can then be shared on social media portals—and even purchased to wear IRL!



Okay, so we all know bike helmets can prevent injury, save lives etc., etc.—but couldn't they be doing so much more? Looks like a start-up called LifeBEAM definitely think so, as they've recently developed a crazy, innovative SMART helmet that utilises electro-optical technology to continuously monitor the wearer's heart rate, transmitting data to your mobile device via Bluetooth or ANT+ so you can keep an eye on your fitness efficiency. Wanna get your hands on one? SMART Helmets are currently still in R&D, but you can place a pre-order on Indiegogo.

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