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Disco Rock Band GoGoStar Electrifies The Screen With "Black Comedy"

Introducing South Korea’s underground sound.
March 9, 2012, 6:58pm

When it comes to their music videos, Korean dance-punk band GoGoStar’s ultrafast electronic production, outlandish performance attire, and energetic stage antics can only truly be complemented by director Sounion Hong.

Having worked with the band on their previous visual endeavors, Hong once again collaborated with GoGoStar on the video for their recent single “Black Comedy,” the title track from last summer’s album of the same name.

Hong and cinematographer Younghoon Lee’s treatment for “Black Comedy” is a psychedelic romp that finds the band barreling through Tron-style light grids, multiplying into fluorescent armies of themselves, and randomly descending into zombie imagery.

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