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Beijing's New Rem Koolhaas-Designed Skyscraper Looks Like A Gigantic Pair Of Pants

After several years and some major setbacks, this marvel of architecture is open for business.

A little over a year ago, we asked the question: is China the world’s newest architectural playground? The completion of a new building in the Beijing cityscape points to a resounding “Yes.” Some once said it was physically impossible, others were discouraged by the fire that delayed its completion, and others still said it looked like a pair of pants, but the CCTV headquarters building in Beijing is finally complete.


Designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and architecture agency OMA, the structurally unique building amazes with design rather than height, shifting the skyscraper paradigm by literally folding it over. The structure was initially built as two separate towers which finally converged at the top in 2007, joined by a 75-meter cantilever. The connecting section is a marvel of modern architecture, appearing precarious despite being fully structurally sound. The building will be used as the home to CCTV operations, housing studios, offices, and production facilities.