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McDonald’s Wants Teenagers to Apply for Jobs Using Snapchat

How do you do, fellow kids?
Photo via Flickr user Mike Mozart

Snapchat can get you fired. But it can also get you hired… at McDonald's… in 10 seconds.

Given that a job at McDonald's is a rite of passage for many teenagers, it makes sense for the fast food juggernaut to use that other rite of passage—Snapchatting—to find young, energetic people to sling burgers and troubleshoot wonky-ass McFlurry machines.

According to Australian news site, the golden arches, which employ 106,000 Australians (65 percent of whom are under the age of 18) have teamed up with Snapchat, (used by four million Australians), on a McDonald's filter that allows users to see what they would look like in a uniform and send a 10-second video application.

Photo via McDonald's.

"For young people who apply to McDonald's, it's normally their first job," McDonald's Australian digital director Mark Wheeler told "Really, when we're assessing the opportunity for them to come and join our 100,000 crew base, we're really looking at attitude and enthusiasm. I think within 10 seconds, we can get that across."

The job "Snaplication" campaign launched on Friday, and will allow jobseekers to follow a link on the McDonald's website which will take them back to the app. In other words, you can now apply for a job with as much ease as you can send the most intimate and fleeting of photos to those closest to you.

And while this social, technological, and employment experiment will be limited to Australia for now, there is no telling what the future implications could be. But ten-second job applications sound pretty chill compared to an hour-long sit-down and two follow-up interviews, doesn't it?