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Calvin Harris Announces New Single Featuring Ariana Grande, Young Thug, and Pharrell

"Heatstroke" will follow his recent collaboration with Frank Ocean and Migos, "Slide."
Photo of Calvin Harris courtesy of the artist

EDM figurehead Calvin Harris announced a new single today called "Heatstroke" featuring Ariana Grande, Young Thug, and Pharrell. He shared the news with the front and back artwork for the single, similar to how he announced "Slide," his previously released collaboration with Frank Ocean and Migos.

Leading up to the announcement of "Heatstroke" today, Harris tweeted a countdown of emoji waves over the last three days.

Some fans think Harris has a collaboration in the works with none other than Beyoncé, which wouldn't be too surprising consider the high profile collaborations he's currently making waves with.

Soon after "Slide" was released in February, Frank Ocean shared an annotation of his lyrics for the song. Harris announced "Slide" three days before it was released, on February 24. There is no release date as of yet for "Heatstroke."

CALVIN HARRIS // YOUNG THUG // PHARRELL // ARIANA GRANDE — Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris)March 28, 2017

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