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Stream Max Cooper's Gorgeous and Glitchy New Single, "Waves"

The song is the first single from Cooper's second full-length release, 'Emergence.'
Photo courtesy of Max Cooper.

Emergence, Max Cooper's second full-length release and first on his new Mesh label, drops November 25. "Wave," the first single from Emergence, is a dreamy pastiche of light yet piercing synths with a brooding synthetic organ that structures the song.

Cooper describes Emergence as a mix between an audio-visual show, a scientific research project (Cooper was a geneticist and received his Ph.D in computational biology in 2008 focusing on the evolution of gene regulatory networks), an art installation and an IDM record.

The producer and artist also collaborated with film composer Tom Doge and vocalist Kathrin deBoer on the record. Conceptually, the new album was created as a soundtrack to Cooper's 11 new pieces of video art (created in collaboration with mathematician Dugan Hammock and artists Andy Lomas, Nick Cobby and Henning M. Lederer) that explore the idea of emergence.

Stream "Waves" below. In July, we featured Cooper on the Rave Curious podcast.