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Trump Campaign Opening a Field Office Across the Street from Pulse Nightclub and Memorial

The presidential nominee has been criticized for his support for anti-LGBT leaders.
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Donald Trump's presidential campaign will soon open a field office across the street from the Pulse nightclub. The field office is one of dozens Trump's presidential campaign plans to open across the state of Florida.

According to reports from the Orlando Sentinel, the office–located on the 2000 block of South Orange Avenue–has signs in support of Trump on the doors and windows with slogans such as "Hispanos con Trump," "The Train Trump," and "The Silent Majority Stands with Trump." The permanent memorial for victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting is reportedly located diagonally across the intersection of Orange Avenue and Esther Street, visible from the field office.


The location is unusual due to Trump's ongoing disconnections from the Latinx and LGBT communities. Equality Florida, a statewide organization that advocates for the rights of the LGBT community, recently condemned Trump. The organization recently held an organized protest titled "Rally to End Hate #ForThe49"in response to a summit of faith leaders who the organization says has an anti-LGBT agenda. The protest also targeted Trump and Florida senator Marco Rubio for their appearances at the summit and Rubio's responses to the Pulse shooting.

Family members of the Pulse nightclub shooting victims spoke out at the event. Brandon Wolf, a survivor of the shooting who also lost friends during the event, released a statement which was read on his behalf during the event. In the statement, Wolf said, "Today, Marco and Donald will stand proudly next to people who have called us "homosexual militants", "demonic", and even suggested that HIV is our "punishment" for who we are. And at the very same time, we stand here together for love."

Family member of — Julie Gargotta (@juliegargotta)August 11, 2016

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, Trump did not know there were protests.

The Trump campaign released a statement to the Sentinel confirming the opening of new offices of the state, but did not confirm if the campaign or a Republican support group had opened the office.

"The Trump campaign is in the process of opening 25 offices across the state," said spokesman David Chiokadze . "However, we are running a coordinated campaign with [the Republican National Committee] and the local county [Republican Executive Committees]. So there will be many more offices in addition to our 25. All of which exist to support Donald Trump." In June, THUMP spoke with Pulse resident DJs about life after the shooting.