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Jai Wolf Makes His Massive Debut With "Indian Summer" on ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective

The young producer is Skrillex and ODESZA approved. Something tells us you should get on board.

23 year-old NYC-based producer Jai Wolf was one of the more interesting success stories of 2014. After the young producer tweeted his bootleg of Skrillex's "Ease My Mind" at the always taste-making Sonny Moore, Skrilly ended up actually releasing Wolf's remix on his own label, a true signifier of how social media has helped transform the music industry, as well as the fact Sonny remains one of music's nicest guys. Since that lucky break a short year ago, Jai Wolf has played Coachella, gained seven No. 1 tracks on Hype Machine, millions of plays on Soundcloud, and just today is finally streaming his debut original production on ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective, a glorious number entitled "Indian Summer."


Jai Wolf became linked with the ODESZA guys after they released one of his most well-received remixes to date, a rework of their track "Say My Name." Now the Seattle duo is joining the likes of Skrillex as they put their chips on the young producer and DJ, choosing to be the first to present his debut original composition to the world. After listening to the track, something tells us they have their money on a winner.

Revolving around some massive synths, a pitched-up vocal, and a grab bag of other sounds that will make your feel good as fuck, "Indian Summer" puts Jai Wolf in the boat with producers like ODESZA, Flume, and Maribou State, all artists that have captured the perfect marriage between indie, pop, and more obscure dance sounds. Like those other artists, Wolf might just have the chops to find success with such a diverse and approachable style, landing his music in a plethora of different ears, as well as probably a couple of television commercials.

Catch Jai Wolf on tour this summer:
Saturday, June 13 - Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo
Saturday, June 20 - Philadelphia, PA @ Sound Garden Hall (w/ Luminox)
Saturday, July 18 - Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade
Saturday, August 1 - Pomona, CA @ HARD Summer

Jai Wolf is on Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud