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Apple Music Just Got A Lot More DJ-Friendly

Apple teams up with Dubset for legal streaming of unlicensed DJ mixes and remixes.
Image courtesy of Dubset

Digital music distributor Dubset has reached an agreement with Apple Music that will help Apple offer streaming of DJ mixes and remixes that were previously being held back due to licensing issues. As any SoundCloud user knows, copyright issues have plagued dance music especially, due to the complexity of obtaining proper licensing for DJ mixes containing dozens of artists, or for remixes that weren't officially sanctioned.


Some of that is about to change, thanks to Dubset's MixBank technology, which identifies each track in a mix and checks those results against the licensing rules set by the copyright owners. Royalties will be distributed based on how much of a song is used, and everyone gets the same rate, whether they're on a major label or completely independent. According to Billboard, Dubset themselves will also take a cut, although they've declined to say exactly how that breaks down.

Dubset reportedly plans to partner with other streaming services as well, and also hopes to bring on board other distributors.

"It's a huge step forward for the music industry to be able to deliver mixed and remixed content into legal services," Dubset CEO Stephen White told Pitchfork.

"Everyone's getting compensated. The label gets paid, the publisher gets paid, the DJ gets paid," White said.

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