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Planet Mu Founder Mike Paradinas Unearths A µ-Ziq Time Capsule

"Aberystwyth Marine" dates between 1996-1998
Photo courtesy of Mike Paradinas

µ-Ziq—the musical alias of Planet Mu founder, Mike Paradinas—has been around as long as the label, so it would only make sense that a few tracks would fall forgotten through the cracks of time. An entire album, however, is a whole other beehive.

But that's exactly what Paradinas uncovered when going through the Planet Mu archives, extracting hundreds of gems to help celebrate its 20th anniversary last year. "Abersytwyth Marine is a long lost µ-Ziq album," wrote Paradinas on his Bandcamp page, "whose track[s] were written in the period 1996-1998, between Lunatic Harness and Royal Astronomy."

You can stream Abersytwyth Marine in its entirety at his Bandcamp page.