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It's Sunny Outside and French Touch Legend Fred Falke Has Turned in a Scorching Guest Mix

An hour of impassioned belters and big room screamers.
Fred Falke doing his best 'I've just sent you a screaming mix' face.

This article was originally published on THUMP UK.

THUMP had a night out a little while ago. For the life of us, we can't remember who it was we were watching DJ, but there we were, dancing away quite happily, having quite a good night, when something happened. A track started to grow and swell like an ink-blot running from the speakers. Then a bass-line started walking underneath it. The communion was instant and the room was lifted to new heights. It was arriving, it was here. Fred Falke and Alan Braxe's "Intro." The experience could be echoed with any number of the French producer's output. Alongside the likes of Romanthony, Stardust and those robot lads, he was part of the Filter House generation, the French Touch revolution.

Since then he's barely stopped working, producing his own music and working with some massive names in the world of pop music. He also hasn't stopped DJing and this September will be coming to the Magic Roundabout at Old Street in London for a rooftop summer spectacular. In honor of this event, and in honour of him genuinely being an all-round good bloke and great DJ, he's sent us this guest mix. It's as thrillingly fun as you'd hope—full of impassioned belters and big room screamers. We haven't been able to leave it alone since he sent it across, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

Fred Falke will appear at the Kitsune Showcase on the 3rd September. Tickets are available here.