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Heathered Pearls Divulges the Sound of Detroit in his Guest Mix

Discover this plethora of comfortable ambience—but try not to get lost.

Jakub Alexander (aka Heathered Pearls) injects a heavy dose of distilled and audible imagery in his new THUMP mix, one he calls the soundtrack to an "Inner City Morning."

The Polish-born is proving his experience with the ambient, yet desolate nature of a concrete jungle. "As someone who was largely raised in the Detroit area, this mix reflects my love for the world of deep and its roots in Detroit's sound," he tells THUMP. "From spacey to tribal and techno to house, everything is originally sourced in Detroit."

Since founding his own unique netlabel in the form of Moodgadget, alongside friend Adam E. Hunt, Heathered Pearls has gone onto curate music and manage up-and-coming artists. Moodgadget would prove a distinct vision, later landing him the A&R position at his current home, Ghostly International. The label will showcase their talent at the Made in Detroit Stage presented by THUMP at Movement Detroit 2015.

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Heathered Pearls says this isn't his first experience at the festival, but he's still excited. "I've lost count on how many Movement Festival's I've been to since the second one," he says. "I always look forward to seeing the legends and live sets in the Underground Stage."

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